What Is the Crisis? 

For children, the demands of retrieving water for their families leave little time or energy for studies. In addition, children are often too sick from water-related diseases to go to school, or the embarrassment of diarrhea keeps them home. People in the horn cite lack of education as one of the main obstacles to reducing poverty. This is why issues like water, hygiene and sanitation are key to improving education. 

40 Billion Hours Are spent collecting water in sub-Saharan Africa alone!

700 Million People lack access to clean-safe drinking water!

What is the Solution?

Water Projects

Each charity expresses its mission uniquely. We value community. Horn of Hope believes collaborating with local groups is key to making significant change. This is why we partnered with ARAHA- American Relief Agency of the Horn of Africa and PackH20. For generations, Araha has impacted the lives of thousands across the horn via water projects, food aid and education. 

Water Bags- Packh20’s innovative bags allow individuals to carry water comfortably. This efficiently aids women and young children who walk up to 8 hours a day. 

( Images belong to PackH20)