A Holiday for H2o

World Water Day is much more than an annual international holiday, it is a day for water and water sustainable development. It is day for gratitude. 

748 million people do not have access to clean-safe drinking water. In Africa alone, over 40 billion hours are spent collecting water every year. These numbers are striking but they are not impossible to shrink. In fact, more people have access to clean water now, more than ever before and according to the UN the rate of water related deaths have plummeted. 

We here at HOH believe 2015 will be a year of change. Why? This month, we launched our annual water campaign to aid over 1,000 dislocated families in Somalia. We also partnered with two powerful non-profits-PackH20 and American Relief Agency of Horn of Africa (ARAHA) to make this a reality! 

We believe WATER is everything. Water is health, nature, urbanization, industry, energy, food, and equality!