International Women's Day!

March is truly MAGNIFICENT!  The 8th of the month marks International Women's Day; A day that honors billions of women on our planet. From Austria to the rural lands of Africa, we collectively celebrate by recognizing women's resilience and achievements. It all began when German theorist and activist Clara Zetkin organized a campaign for political, economic, and social reform in 1911. The result?  Hundreds of people from Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Germany gathered. Today, decades since the mark of the event, IWD has become an annual global holiday.
Why the Horn loves International Women's Day:
We acknowledge the continued challenges in developed and developing countries. Women are encouraged to strive in everything they do and to THRIVE. Our team is inspired by relentless, brave, intelligent and beautiful women who not only carry their lives but care for the lives of their children and families.  
"The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world"