2015 Water Campaign

In Africa alone, people spend over 400 million hours collecting water. Often times, it is women and children who walk 8 unbearable hours only to access contaminated water. This is why we focused our campaign around water. The reality is people are in need of both clean water and safe containers/bags to carry it in. Now, more than ever, people around the world have access to water. THE CRISIS IS SOLVABLE, but few offer a realistic solution. Earlier this year, we collaborated with PackH2o to send as many bags possible to Somalia. 

On March 28th, our team gathered the Columbus community of Ohio to raise awareness on the water crisis, illiteracy, and poverty in east Africa. We were honored to share the stage with our partner Packh20's Kelsey Langdale, who elaborated on the lack of water sustainability. The American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa [ARAHA] also shared a powered video about their efforts to better the living conditions of thousands of Somalis affected by the 2012 famine.

Founders Anisa Liban and Yasmeen Sidiq also took the stage to share their incredible story, passion and mission.  

Check it out!

Thank you for the support! Let's restore hope one jerrycan at a time!