Horn of Hope

We're a group of passionate and determined creative problem-solvers who want to make a difference. Inspired by like-minded people, charities, and organizations across the globe, our team works hard to re-build Somalia by spreading awareness, fundraising for campaigns, and educating both international and domestic Somali communities about a wide range of issues in Somalia.  

The Founders

Anisa Liban

In 2012, tens of thousands of Somalis fled their homes in search of a better future. A devastating famine had hit the east African country. It destroyed the lives of many: The famine had killed over 260,000 people. 

Growing up in the United States has always been a blessing. Unlike many Somalis back home, I do not have to fear fleeing my home to escape acts of war or violence. As a woman living in a developed country, I do not have to worry about carrying a 40 pound jerrycan (for eight unbearable hours) to provide my family with clean-safe drinking water.  Everything and anything I need or could possibly ever want to survive is obtainable. 

Though I've always been familiar with the water crisis, it wasn't until the devastating 2012 famine that I felt the need to take initiative. Inspired by incredible non-profits such as Charity: Water, I visited the Somali Community Center of Ohio and spoke with the president- who along with Charity: Water's Stacie Zellmer encouraged me to begin a fundraising campaign. At first, the idea of raising 10,000 (USD) seemed impossible. But, I soon realized that doing it alone was the challenge. So I reached out to two individuals who not only shared the same vision, but were also determined to restore hope in Somalia. 

Yasmeen Saadiq

Yasmeen currently resides in Minnesota, USA where she directs HOH MN. Ms. Sadiq has contributed significantly and generously to the Columbus Somali community in recent years.

In 2013, Yasmeen visited various regions of Somalia to aid many unfortunate families and communities. One of her many accomplishments included the building of a well in the southern region of Somalia. After hearing about the deadly famine she was determined to take initiative. Yasmeen knew she needed to take action not only in the states but where the heart of the problem centered-Somalia.

Within 6 months of her trip, Yasmeen witnessed the harsh realities millions faced. She encountered families who lacked access to safe drinking water and witnessed the poor living conditions hundreds of locals were subjected to reside in. 

Yasmeen returned with a dream; she would help end the water crisis. Yasmeen's dream is not only to end the crisis, but to also open and build better-safer hospitals for Somalia's women and children.

Watch the video below to learn more about some of the projects and campaigns we've spearheaded!